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Work Permit


Flamingo Corporate Services provides full services related to Work Permit in Vietnam. Our services include: submitting the application of exempt work permit for relevant cases, obtaining, extending, re-obtain the Work Permit (missing or damage cases), canceling the Work Permit at the end of the assignment...

What can we help to streamline the work permit application process for you?

• To review individual(s) file and to consult the appropriate processing steps.
• To secure, notarize and legalize the Criminal Record, University Diploma, Working Experience Certificate ... oversea via global networks. No oversea travel is required for the assignee(s).
• To obtain the Criminal Record in Vietnam on behalf of the assignee(s).
• To legalize, translate and notarize all relevant documents in Vietnam.
• To prepare the application dossier for Work Permit. To represent for individual(s) and company(s) to submit and receive Work Permit, Criminal Record ... at the authorities
• To keep HR Department informed closely about the progress and status.
• To handle the personal documents with care and keep them confidential.

Why our services are apart from others?

We have concrete relationship with relevant authorities to expedite the process smoothly.
• We experience in dealing with the practices of different regulation implications from provinces and from time to time.
• We have reliable network with global immigration groups to assist processing documents oversea.
• We serve the premier services at the competitive prices.

What does the assignee(s) normally need to do during the process?

• To fill out a simple form providing required information and to provide necessary documents.
• To sign on a set of various documents at marked places prepared by Flamingo
• To go for the health check at assigned facilities by Labor Department.
• To prepare some personal documents such as photos, original diploma, pasport...
• To present at the authority when necessary. This step is rarely happened as Flamingo can process most of difficult cases on behalf of the assignee(s).

What does the company benefit from Flamingo services?

•To get rid of complicated paperwork
•To get the regular updates from Flamingo about the progress
•To have the legal documents for assignee(s) in the timely manner
•To save time and budget